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Imagine you’re locked in a room with seven of your closest friends and you only have 60 minutes to find the treasure and escape! That may sound like a stressful way to spend an afternoon but trust us when we say the Kootenay Escape Room is one of the most fun indoor adventures you can experience in Castlegar.

Opened by Brodie and Tara Jones earlier this year, the Kootenay Escape Room is a physical adventure game in which players are given clues and hints to solve a series of puzzles to achieve and objective and “escape” the room. (You’re not really “locked” in the room.) The Castlegar experience is the only one of its kind in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia and it is a pirate-themed adventure in which players have exactly one hour upon entry into the room to solve all the riddles and find the prize. This is how the experience is described:

“Self-made billionaire, prankster, and eccentric philanthropist, John Buckingham has been known to share his wealth in outrageous publicity stunts (and) lately has taken to dressing, acting, and talking like a pirate. In a press release, Buckingham claims to have hidden ‘possibly the most valuable treasure ever,’ in an old clipper ship that he has permanently docked near his ocean side mansion. Residents have flocked to take a turn at discovering Buckingham’s Billions, but so far, none have succeeded. Today, you and your crew are going to have 60 minutes to search for the elusive treasure.”

Front of Kootenay Escape Room in Castlegar


To date, the fastest time any team has completed the game was just under 18 minutes but many others have left empty-handed because the Escape Room isn’t a simple walk in the, um, room. You have to be able to detect patterns, solve numerical equations and much more. (We’re not going to give it all away here.) The good news is if you’re feeling stuck at any point during the hour, you can call for help. Teams are given a device to contact the front desk for a hint and they can do this up to three times.

Brodie and Tara moved to Castlegar in 2017 from Grand Prairie, Alberta, because they fell in love with the city’s less-hectic pace, and opened The Kootenay Escape Room in the Spring of 2018. Its hours are Thursday 5-10pm, Friday 2-10pm and Saturday 1-10pm and the room can accommodate teams of between two and eight players.

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