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Vince is a magazine editor, book author, content provider, marketer, adventurer, rock climber, writer, mountain biker and backcountry skier. He's also an alleged word nerd.

The 6 Most Successful Castlegar Hockey Players

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Six hockey players hailing from Castlegar were drafted into the NHL playing for teams ranging from the Vancouver Canucks to the New York Islanders.

Where to Nordic Ski in Castlegar

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Whether you prefer skate skiing for fitness, or relaxed cross-country through untouched snow, there is something for every nordic skier living in, or visiting, Castlegar.

10 Ideas For Date Night In Castlegar

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Whether your preference is a romantic, indoor activity or a fun outdoor one, here are 10 ideas for date night (and date day) in Castlegar.

Snowplace Like Home Festival 2018

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Lasting from December 1st to the 15th, the Snowplace Like Home Festival in Castlegar features indoor and outdoor events every day and night to help you get exited for the winter season.

6 Of The Most Beautiful Waterfalls Near Castlegar

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No other liquid landmark captures the imagination quite like a waterfall. Perhaps it's the sound, or the power, or the cascading water droplets reflecting sun spots. Or maybe it's the reminder that earth's lifeblood, our own lifeblood, is forever flowing. Whatever the reason, waterfalls are beautiful to behold and luckily, we have many of them near [...]

Castlegar Home To The Only Escape Room In The West Kootenays

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Trust us when we say the Kootenay Escape Room is one of the most fun indoor adventures you can experience in Castlegar.

Kootenay Climbing Festival Returns To Castlegar

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The Kootenay Rock Climbing Festival returns to Castlegar September 22-23, 2018, and will feature Olympic climber Jen Olson and Canadian mountaineering legend Don Vockeroth. This is the seventh year the Festival has been held at the Lion's Head Pub, the only restaurant and bar in North America with a natural climbing cliff in its backyard.  [...]

Area’s 1st Outdoor Bouldering Competition Coming To Castlegar

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The first outdoor bouldering competition in the Kootenays is being held in Castlegar on Saturday, September 22nd and competitors from across the province are expected to attend.

10 Fun Indoor Places To Visit In Castlegar When It’s Raining Or Smokey

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When the clouds are low and the rain is falling, or when the skies are smokey, here are a number of fun things to do indoors in Castlegar.