There can be beauty in boldness. Take the mountains for instance, rising out of the valley like stunning monuments to permanence. Or powerful rivers where silver light dances across unyielding stone. To be bold is to wholly embrace what and who you are. And that is a beautiful thing. But there’s also beauty in fragility: the delicate petal of a flower swaying in a breeze; the soft song of a hummingbird’s wings in the trees. When perfectly in sync, beauty and boldness are a wonder to behold. And that‘s what makes Castlegar so special: it’s an extraordinary place where bold cultures settled a mighty land and created something truly beautiful.

For the autumn 2020 season, we’re showcasing a “Bold and Beautiful” theme and exploring all the things in Castlegar that fall into the “B and B” category. Take the Doukhobors for instance, a bold culture that defied a Russian Emperor and emigrated to Castlegar at the turn of the last Century. The customs and beliefs of this agrarian-based religious group are still practiced today and are part of the reason beautiful gardens and fruit trees are prevalent throughout the area. In fact, Castlegar is regularly awarded for its bold outdoor displays of beautiful flowers and gardens: the city even took home an international award for the Communities in Bloom competition a few years ago!


Then of course there are the bold rivers that merge in Castlegar including the Kootenay and the Columbia, one of the largest in North America. A lot of paddling can be done on these, as well as the nearby lakes,  and, as any angler will tell you, there are excellent fishing opportunities in all the water around the city to catch trout, walleye, and, of course, the beautiful and coveted Kokanee salmon.

If you prefer things a bit drier, try exploring the mountain bike trails near the city where beautiful craftsmanship meets bold lines to create some of the best biking in the province. There’s also lots of rock climbing to be had, motorcycling, hiking, waterfall gazing, and amazing golf on beautiful courses with views of the bold mountains nearby. Or, for something more cultural, take in the beautiful Sculpture Walk submissions, which change every year. And while you’re on a walking tour of the town, be sure to take in the bold floral displays, the beautiful Millennium Park and the fascinating train museum.


Genelle House

To take in all the boldness and beauty Castlegar has to offer, it’s important you stay here, even for just a little while. Some of the best places to enjoy all the B&B in the city are, of course, B&Bs. There are excellent bed and breakfasts in and around  the city that provide everything you’re looking for in terms of a comfortable retreat. Like The Genelle House (picture above). A beautiful b&b located in the historic community of Genelle, a 15-minute drive south of downtown Castlegar and situated near the banks of the bold Columbia River. It’s a serene and quiet setting  with beautiful gardens and manicured green spaces that are great for those looking to escape. It has two rooms and one suite as well as a sun terrace that offers bold views of the natural surroundings. Here are more details:

  • Location: 217 15th Ave, Genelle
  • Phone: 1-877-693-2189
  • Website:


Pass Creek Bed & Breakfast

Another beautiful b&b near Castlegar, which boasts a bold locale on a hilltop overlooking the valley is the Pass Creek Bed & Breakfast. It’s a 10-minute drive from downtown to reach it but you feel like you’re in a completely different world tucked onto the forested mountainside looking on to Norns Creek Valley. Your hosts Amber and Mike say their b&b is the perfect place to disengage, reset and revitalize. There are two suites in the beautiful timber frame structure that also offers a bold deck nestled on the southern slope of McDaniel Mountain. Here are more details:

  • Location: 2402 Upper Gibson Road, Castlegar
  • Phone: 250-365-7773
  • Website:


Windborne Bed & Breakfast

castlegar bed and breakfast

Windborne Bed and Breakfast (pictured above), Is just another reason to travel to Castlegar, BC. This beautiful business is located on the Columbia River, a 10-minute drive from downtown Castlegar. Tucked in the forest near the bold, granite cliffs that are prevalent in this area, Windborne offers three suites and innumerable nearby activities.

Marc and Mirja are your hosts at Windborne and the latter is the on-site artist who we featured in our article, “Where To Enjoy Fine Art Paintings in Castlegar.” Here are further details about Windborne:

  • Location: 3905 Broadwater Road, Castlegar
  • Phone: 250-365-6697
  • Website: