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You recognize the importance of truly understanding the places you visit. You like knowing a destination’s history, its culture, and the people who reside there. You plan your trips in advance and upon arrival you immerse yourself in the surroundings rather than in crowded tour groups. In short, you connect with the “why” of where you are.

Take the opportunity to wander around town, see all the art displays and learn why Castlegar is “The Sculpture Capital of Canada.”

Whether you’re learning about the unique history of the area, participating in the Sculpture Walk, or chatting with locals at Millennium Park, Castlegar is an excellent destination for the authentic traveller. We are a cultural hotspot that boasts unique Doukhobor heritage, fascinating hydro-power dyanmics, both past and present, and a deep connection to the land around us.

As you browse this website, you’ll notice personalized suggestions we have made for you and other authentic travellers. You’ll find suggestions for sights to see, things to do, where to stay, where to eat and different recreational activities that are well-suited for your personality as well as blog posts related to topics you might enjoy. Here are some other ideas:

Visit A Dam: There are a dozen hydroelectric dams in and around Castlegar. Get a tour of the Hugh-Keenleyside or check out any of the others that keep Castlegar and a lot of the pacific northwest lit up.

Shop: Downtown Castlegar offers a unique shopping experience. Whether you’re looking for vintage clothing, local trinkets or a cozy coffee shop, we’ve got it.

Take A Stroll: Go for a casual walk at Millennium Park where you have a front row seat to watch the confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers. Or take in the Brilliant Hydroelectric Dam while standing on the Brilliant Suspension Bridge. Or go on an exploration to find all the monuments that have shaped our community.

Tour Our Heritage: Take a cultural tour of the city by visiting the Doukhobor Discovery Centre, the Train Station Museum, and the Kootenay Art Gallery.

Eat Like A Local: Experience the small town charm and deliciousness of restaurants such as Bagels & Brew, The Black Rooster Bar & Grill, Monte Carlo Grill, Maggie’s Mug and Cuisine of India.


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