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A Heritage Tour Of Castlegar

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From assassinations to gold mining, Castlegar boasts a fascinating history. Here are five heritage sites in the city that visitors should not miss.

Castlegar Generating Stations Are Dam Interesting

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There is a lot of natural beauty to be seen in and around Castlegar, British Columbia, but there are many man-made marvels as well including the eleven hydro-electric dams within an easy drive of Castlegar that supply that province with almost have its power.

Why is Castlegar the Sculpture Capital of Canada?

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Joy Barrett has had a long career in arts administration. She’s worked at the world-famous Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, at the Calgary Centre of Performing Arts, and as the cultural ambassador for Nelson, British Columbia. Today, she has one of the most important jobs in Castlegar: curating the annual event that is responsible [...]