Tobogganing is definitely one of the top things to do with your family in Castlegar in the winter because it’s easy, inexpensive and oh so fun! All you need is some form of downhill trajectory device, which could range from a GT Snowracer or plastic sled to a simple piece of cardboard. In Castlegar there are three main areas where people toboggan.

Cone Hill

This community park features a hill that’s great for all levels of sledders, whether you’re new to the activity or a professional GTer. The park is located at 3500 9th Avenue.

Verigin Tomb Memorial Park

This is another great spot for beginner and intermediate sledders although those who are more advanced might find it a bit tame. It’s located near the Memorial Site and parking and access are easy.

Dove Hill

If you have pre-teens and teenagers who are looking for more of a thrill, try the hill located near the entrance of the Dove Hill Hike, near the Castlegar Airport. Park before the Golf course gates at the entrance to Dove Hill hike.