As spring comes we might see a little bit more snow but quickly the weather will begin to warm up as the days get longer. Daily highs increase from 9°C in March up to 20°C in May. Spring flowers pop up all over town making Castlegar a spectacular sight.


Long days and great weather are common during summers in Castlegar. The summer months can reach average highs of up to 29°C in July and August. July and August also tend to be the months with the lowest average precipitation.


As the days shorten the beautiful fall colours of Castlegar show themselves. The weather begins to cool off in the fall and we typically see our first snow sometime in October or November. The average highs drop from 23°C in September to 5°C in November.


Even the shortest days in Castlegar can be gorgeous. The winter months all typically see highs below zero and most of the snowfall for the year. December and January combined see snowfall averages of 120cm!