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The Best Camping Spots In Castlegar

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From provincial parks to RV campsites, here are the details of the six best camping spots in Castlegar.

Castlegar White Sturgeon – Proof Dinosaurs Still Swim Among Us

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There are ancient creatures lurking in the depths of the Columbia River but luckily these White Sturgeon prefer mollusks to human toes.

The Best Fishing Holes In Castlegar

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Castlegar is world-class destination when it comes to freshwater angling. Whether your preference is fly fishing for trout in mountain streams, jigging for walleye in rivers or casting for lake lunkers, there's something for every angler who lives in or visits Castlegar. Take Graham Cloutier for example. He moved to the area from Northern British [...]

Castlegar Generating Stations Are Dam Interesting

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There is a lot of natural beauty to be seen in and around Castlegar, British Columbia, but there are many man-made marvels as well including the eleven hydro-electric dams within an easy drive of Castlegar that supply that province with almost have its power.