Thrift stores are like the Tickle Trunk on the famous Canadian kid’s show Mr. Dressup: you never know what you’ll find within. From vintage clothes to antique furniture, collectible toys to electronics, second-hand stores are super-fun treasure troves of pre-loved stuff. Besides being fun to shop in, second-hand stores are good for a number of other reasons:

  1. The environment wins because it helps keep items out of landfill.
  2. It saves you money.
  3. It decreases the demand for new things, which is also good for the environment.
  4. In the case of clothes, it can help you explore your style or discover new ones.
  5. Take your kids with you: it fosters a sense of curiosity and wonder.
  6. It’s a fun way to bond with others: going thrift shopping with your friends is a blast.
  7. It allows you to be more creative.

Castlegar has the highest number of thrift stores in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia and everything is on offer from men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing to furniture, houseware, and seasonal items such as Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations. We here at Destination Castlegar are big fans of second-hand store shopping and we usually go a few times a month to see what treasures we can find. Below are out favourites: the 9 best second-hand stores in Castlegar.


The 9 Best Second-Hand Stores In Castlegar

Castlegar Restore

Doing a reno? Check out the Restore before buying new as there are a lot of salvaged building materials. There’s also furniture, electronics, houseware, and more.

Emma’s Family Fashions

Conveniently located in Castlegar’s downtown core, Emma’s specializes in consignment clothing for women. Drop by and say hi to owner Loretta.

  • 1100 3rd St., Castlegar

The Red Dresser

Located in the mall near Shopper’s Drug Mart and McDonald’s, the Red Dresser offers consignment for women.

Sunshine Recycle

You’ll fine everything from houseware and books to clothing for men, women, and children. We even found a vintage remote-controlled robot in there once.

Classic Pawn and Thrift

The Pawn portion of the business is always accepting and both new and used products are sold there. 

  • 401 13th Ave, Castlegar

Moonrise Boutique

Located in downtown Castlegar close to some of our favorite coffee shops. Check out the  10 Best Coffee Shops in Castelgar, Moonrise sells curated vintage clothing and housewares as well as new items from local independent brands.

St. David’s Thrift Store

St. David’s Thrift Store is a joint ministry of St. David’s Anglican Church and Castlegar United Church. They take gently used clothing and household items and sell them at reasonable rates. Proceeds from the sales support community initiatives.  

Diggers and Daisies

A cute store that specializes in consignment for babies, toddlers and children.

Castlegar Hospital Auxiliary Treasure Shop

The Hospital Auxiliary Society accepts donations of good used items that are then resold at the Treasure Shop. The money is then given back to the Castlegar community for continued quality healthcare.