Lisa Huth is an artist and blacksmith based in Pass Creek, just north of Castlegar. Her preferred medium is metal and she’s done commissions for clients that include everything from patio railings to range hoods and she’s also created pieces that have been showcased in such festivals as Castlegar’s Sculpture Walk. She trained in welding and blacksmith and then enrolled in Community Futures self-employment program before starting her company MetalicArt in the Okanagan in 2003. She moved to this region 12 years later to enjoy the “endless outdoor playground.” She’s a busy mom of two boys but jokes that she’s “still hammering!”

We caught up with Lisa as part of our monthly series that celebrates and showcases local artists to discover how she got into blacksmithing and what she loves most about it.

Lisa’s piece “Polka Dot Soldiers” is currently on display as part of the 2022 Castlegar Sculpture Walk. Dave Gluns photo.

Hey Lisa. You’re living in Pass Creek now. Did you grow up in the area?

No. My family and I moved here in 2015. I was born in Kelowna and grew up in a rural area called Joe Rich, which is between the city and Big White Ski Resort. Pass Creek reminds me a lot of how Joe Rich used to be.

Have you always been into blacksmithing?

A number of years ago I worked at an industrial steel shop and welding really caught my eye. So I went to Okanagan College to learn the trade but always knew I wanted to be more on the artsy side. So I signed up for a blacksmithing program in Vernon with Joe Delisimunovic and instantly loved it!

What’s the most challenging thing about your profession?

I would say the heat. When it is above 30 degrees outside, it is really tough working in front of a forge.

What’s the best thing about blacksmithing?

I just love making the metal move and forming it into my desired shape. I love how I am constantly learning and that every project is different.


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Have you always been artistic?

I would say so. I have always enjoyed drawing, that was my first artistic love.

What do you do when you’re not blacksmithing?

I enjoy being outside, whether I’m in my garden or with my chickens. We live on a small acreage, so there is always lots of work to do. Family time is also big for me, so you might find us out on the lake or river, or up in the mountains ATVing or snowmobiling.

What do you love most about living near Castlegar?

I love the endless outdoor playground. There are so many spectacular spots to see here.

What’s the funniest moment you’ve had while working?

A few years ago, I walked out of my shop to grab a piece of steel from my metal rack. I walked right through a super thick spider web. It was all across my face. I talked myself into remaining calm and walked back into my shop to look in the mirror. That’s when I saw the huge spider on my right shoulder. I totally freaked out. It would have been really funny to watch, that’s for sure.

What’s some advice you have for kids interested in getting into blacksmithing?

Try it! Just getting out to watch someone at the anvil would be a good start and then if you are still keen I would check out Kootenay School of the Arts. They offer a few different blacksmith programs and [instructor] Kevin Kratz is amazing.

Where can people find more information about your work?

People can check out my Facebook or Instagram pages to see what I am currently working on. They can also go to my website to see completed projects: