With its many restaurants, movie theatres, parks, hikes and scenic viewpoints, Castlegar is an excellent city for date night (and date days). There are not too many places where you can suggest strolling along a beach, followed by an easy hike to a mountain viewpoint and then finish off the date with a delicious dinner or catching a movie.

Before you plan your next date night in Castlegar, be sure to download the Castlegar Explorers App. It’s a handy way-finding tool that includes a map of Castlegar and the surrounding area with pins indicating unique points of interest from cultural sites to places for outdoor recreation. There’s also a fun game involved because each point has a number value pushing the “Collect Points” button while physically visiting a location will add the location’s points to a user’s point total. In fact, a fun date activity might be to try and collect all the points you can using the Castlegar Explorers App! The points you accumulate can then be redeemed for goods or services at any of the Rewards locations on your next date!

Whether your preference is a romantic, indoor activity or a fun outdoor one, here are 8 ideas for date night in Castlegar.

Dine Out

There are no shortages of places to eat for date night in Castlegar. In fact, there are close to 30 establishments where you can get drinks, food to go, or enjoy a sit-down meal. And if your preference leans towards day-time dates, there are also a lot of places to grab a coffee, breakfast, lunch or brunch. Three different restaurants where we’ve enjoyed date night in Castlegar before include:

Go to the Movies

There’s a reason the de facto date night includes dinner and a movie and the great thing about date night in Castlegar is you can do both within close proximity of each other. The conveniently located Kootenay Centre Cinemas are intimate yet modern with just a touch of down-home hospitality. Grab an extra large popcorn and then commit to the challenging task of deciding between a rom-com or action-adventure.

Go Bowling

The best part about bowling for date night in Castlegar is it’s perfect for double dating. You and another couple can enjoy pitting your skills against one another at the Castlebowl bowling alley while enjoying the great licensed lounge. It’s just like how people dated 40 years ago except with a few modern flourishes including black lights and laser shows.

Visit A Museum

If you’re wondering what to do on a date during the daytime, consider visiting a museum in town, such as the CPR Station Museum, in downtown Castlegar or the The Doukhobor Discovery Museum near the airport. The latter is a wonderful place to learn more about the culture that has so profoundly shaped what the city is today. There are 10 historical buildings on site and you’ll get to learn how the Doukhobor lived in the first half of the 20th Century. The CPR Station Museum, or the Railway Museum as it’s come to be called, is also an excellent step back in time. This century-old station recreates what it was like for passenger travel in the early 1900s and the most popular onsite attraction is the perfectly-preserved caboose. A visit to the Railway Museum is an excellent way for you and your partner to reminisce about a time when travel was far more romantic.

Visit An Art Gallery & Butterfly Garden

The Kootenay Gallery of Art History and Science is located on the grounds of the Doukhobor Discovery Museum near the airport. It is a public art gallery that offers a variety of programming, displays and rotating art exhibitions. It also boasts the only Butterfly Gardens, which is a beautiful, romantic spot to hang out for an hour, and the Gallery has movies nights on set evenings that typically show more independent titles than the blockbusters you’ll find at the more commercial movies theatres.

Go For a Hike

If your preferences veer towards enjoying a date outdoors then there are plenty of options for you to do in Castlegar. One activity is to go for a stroll or a hike. There’s no shortage of trails in the area and you can partake in everything from a romantic walk by the beach and through Millenium Park to a more vigorous hike that culminates in a beautiful view of the Columbia or Kootenay Rivers and the valley. For more ideas of where to go for a walk, visit our article, “Best Hiking Trails in Castlegar.”

Go Play in the Snow

If you’re looking for something to do on date night in Castlegar in the winter months, consider a moonlit cross-country ski to a trail-side hut where you can enjoy a romantic picnic meal. Or a night-time skate or day-time tobogganing. Just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean you have to plan an indoor date — bundle up and go play in it! Besides, it’ll make you appreciate the drink by the fire afterwards even more. You can find more ideas of what to do in the wintertime in our “5 Things To Do In The Winter” article.

Visit the Spa

There are over half a dozen massage clinics and spas in Castlegar and a different way to enjoy a date in the city is to book a couples massage. For example, the Silver Birch Clinic offers a session called “Couples Bliss” that lasts two hours and includes a soak and a 70-minute aromatherapy massage. Talk about a relaxing way to spend a date!