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Doukhobor Discovery Centre

Castlegar is one of only a few cities in the world where the unique Doukhobor culture has been meticulously documented and where it still thrives today. A pacifist religious group of Russian origin, the Doukhobors fled the Czarist government in the late 1800s. About 7,500 Doukhobors settled in Western Canada (primarily in Saskatchewan), where the Canadian government offered them free land and freedom from military service. In the early 20th century, many Doukhobors found themselves in the West Kootenay region. Although they were presented with many challenges, the Doukhobors have contributed much to the social, economic, and cultural life of both British Columbia and Canada. Their culture and religion continue to survive in and around Castlegar today.

The Doukhobor Discovery Centre, located right across from the airport at 112 Heritage Way, is a wonderful place to learn more about the culture that has so profoundly shaped what the city is today. Home to ten historical buildings on ten acres of land, the Doukhobor Discovery Centre has successfully recreated the sights and sounds of Doukhobor life in south-central British Columbia. The museum itself is a replica of a Doukhobor communal village in British Columbia. There are over 1,600 donated artifacts on hand as well as interactive audio and visual displays that help demonstrate and celebrate the Doukhobors’ history and culture.
Official opened in 1971, the Doukhobor Discovery Centre is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021! It continues to preserve, exhibit, and share the Doukhobors’ unique and storied history. The museum is open to the public on an annual basis with daily hours of operation (Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm & Saturday from 10am-4pm). Each season, we are pleased to welcome a number of visitors and tour groups, from students to seniors, from our local area and from around the globe. Enjoy a guided tour with friendly, knowledgeable staff and learn more about the Doukhobors’ religion, culture, and life. Come down to the Doukhobor Discovery Centre to celebrate our 50th anniversary and the history of the Doukhobor people.

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112 Heritage Way, Castlegar, BC V1N 4M5