There are so many fun things to do in Castlegar with the family during every season throughout the year. And winter is no exception. Here are the top five things to do with your family in Castlegar in the Winter.


Tobogganing is definitely one of the top things to do with your family in Castlegar in the winter because it’s easy, inexpensive and oh so fun! All you need is some form of downhill trajectory device, which could range from a GT Snowracer or plastic sled to a simple piece of cardboard. In Castlegar there are three main areas where people toboggan. They include:

  1. Cone Hill
    This community park features a hill that’s great for all levels of sledders, whether you’re new to the activity or a professional GTer. The park is located at 3500 9th Avenue.
  2. Verigin Tomb Memorial Park
    This is another great spot for beginner and intermediate sledders although those who are more advanced might find it a bit tame. It’s located near the Memorial Site and parking and access are easy.
  3. Dove Hill
    If you have pre-teens and teenagers who are looking for more of a thrill, try the hill located near the entrance of the Dove Hill Hike, near the Castlegar Airport. Park before the Golf course gates at the entrance to Dove Hill hike.

The best part about snowshoeing is you can do it anywhere. Which is why it’s one of the top things to do with your family in Castlegar in the winter. You can snowshoe around Millennium Park (110 5th Street), along the rail trails or on any of the numerous nearby hikes, provided there is snow on the trail of course. And those who are new to snowshoeing need not worry about lugging around those large, wooden ones our grandparents used. These days, snowshoes are light and easy to walk in. Give it a try! You can rent snowshoes at Mallard’s Source For Sports on 660 18th Street.


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There are two reasons snowmobiling (or skidooing) is one of the top things to do with your family in Castlegar in the winter. Firstly, this area enjoys world-class snow and lots of it!  Secondly, there’s plenty of terrain to choose from. Whether you’re into exploring decommissioned logging roads, mountain passes or groomed trails, Castlegar offers something for everyone. Various logging roads and trails can be accessed right in town but the most popular spots for snowmobiling are the Norns and Ladybird mountain ranges, located a 30-minute drive North of the city and where the Castlegar Snowmobile Association grooms over 70 kilometres (43 miles) of trails. There are also warming huts and cabins there as well.


Skating is definitely one of the top things to do with your family in Castlegar in the winter because it can be done both inside and outside. Outdoor skating is a part of every Canadian child’s upbringing and in Castlegar, the best outdoor rink can be found at Kinnaird Park (2501 14th Avenue) near the baseball diamonds. It’s open everyday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and the two rinks are lit up during the evenings. They’re free to enjoy and are maintained by the City of Castlegar works crew who take pride in ensuring the surfaces are as smooth as possible. The indoor skating area is located at the Castlegar and District Community Complex, known locally as the Rec Centre located at 2101 6th Avenue. There is a NHL-size ice surface here and, if you’re new to skating, this is the place for you because you can rent both skates and helmets.

Cross-Country Skiing

The fifth thing to do with your family in Castlegar in the winter is to enjoy cross-country skiing, also known as Nordic skiing. There are many places to do the sport in the city for free, such as in Millennium Park (110 5th Street) or along the C&W Rail Trail, which winds its way alongside the Arrow Lakes and through the mountains all the way to Christina Lake and beyond. There are also plenty of maintained Nordic track destinations as well, such as the Paulson Summit Recreation Area, where the Castlegar Nordic Club maintains trails for both the classic Nordic skier as well as the skate skier.

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