Where To Toboggan With Your Family In Castlegar

There’s nothing more Canadian than bundling up the kids, piling them onto a wooden toboggan and whooshing down a snowy slope. These days there are plenty of other devices with which to hoon down hills, from steerable GT Snoracers and Crazy Carpets to hard plastic discs and the Slopedeck, a skateboard for snow that’s made right here in the Kootenays. Whatever form of conveyance you prefer, though, there’s no replacing the sense of euphoria you get from the wind through your toque, the snow on your face, and the laughter all around.

Other reasons it’s so fun to take the kids on a toboggan adventure include the fact it’s inexpensive, it’s easy, and all that fresh air is sure to tire them out!

Because Castlegar is located in a deep, beautiful valley, it’s an excellent area in which to toboggan. There are hills everywhere! And, there are plenty of stores in which to get everything you need to get out and toboggan. They include:

  • Canadian Tire (2000 Columbia Ave.) — All manner of toboggans and sleds as well as helmets, winter clothing and gear.
  • The Shop (1101 4th St.) — Helmets, goggles and snowboard gear.
  • Mallards Source For Sports (660 18th St.) — Gloves, toques, helmets and more.
  • Home Hardware (652 18th St.) — Sleds and other winter gear.

Once you’ve loaded up with gear, the next step is to find the perfect spot where you can toboggan with your family in Castlegar. There are three main areas in the city and they’re all within an easy five minute drive of the downtown core.

Where To Toboggan With Your Family in Castlegar

    This community park features a hill that’s great for all levels of sledders, whether you’re new to the activity or a professional GTer.  The park is located at 3500 9th Avenue.
    This is another great spot for beginner and intermediate sledders although those who are more advanced might find it a bit tame. It’s located near the Memorial Site and parking and access are easy.
    If you have pre-teens and teenagers who are looking for more of a thrill, try the hill located near the entrance of the Dove Hill Hike, near the Castlegar Airport. Park before the Golf course gates at the entrance to Dove Hill hike.

Where To Enjoy Hot Chocolate After You Toboggan With Your Family in Castlegar

Some may argue the best part of a day spent outside on a toboggan is getting to go inside afterwards and enjoying a delicious mug of steaming hot chocolate. There are many places in Castlegar to do just that and below is a list of our favourites.

  • Humble Bean Coffee Co. – 1125 4th Street
  • Crumbs Bakery Café – 635 Columbia Ave
  • Common Grounds Café – 692 18 St
  • Maggie’s Mug – 1249 3rd St
  • Bagels and Brew – 1983 Columbia Ave
  • Lifestyles Coffee House – 502 Columbia Ave
  • Roots Modern Health Food – 1502 Columbia Ave #9
  • Tim Hortons – 1721 Columbia Ave
  • Starbucks – 1721 Columbia Ave